domestic duty

sissyjoy82 | 08.08.2017 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Dear Mistress,

Being a closet sissy and pretending to be a male wearing pants while wearing frilly panties underneath, this sissy always looks forward to the weekend when she can be her true submissive sissy self. Being a lowly servant maid and completing all her household chores in her sissy maid outfit gives this sissy so much joy and happiness! She only wishes she had a Superior in her life to show her servitude.

Wearing her ridiculous sissy maid costume and high heels, the sissy spends every Saturday cleaning and completing all her chores around the house including laundry, washing her frilly panties and other sissy clothes by hand, hand washing the dishes, changing the sheets, vacuuming the entire house, scrubbing the kitchen and cleaning the bathrooms. She folds and puts away all her panties imagining that they belong to a real Woman. She carefully irons her male pants and shirts imagining that she’s serving the domestic needs of a Superior Alpha Man.

Once all the chores are done, the sissy bends over and gives herself a sound spanking for she imagines that’s what she would get if a real Superior were to judge her work. The spanking helps her stay humble and aim to do better the next time. If ever she feels like not doing her chores as a proper sissy maid should, she pulls down her panties and looks at her hairless, limp, little sissy weewee to remind her of her place as a humble sissy servant beneath all Superior Mistresses and Masters.

Thank You,
sissy joy



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