Domestic Duties
jsmithcici | 09.07.2017 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Ms. Swan’s biographical article was fun and very interesting. sissy loved how She described different eras and differentiated different maid styles. Ms. Swan has obviously had a very interesting life that required a lot of courage to make the dramatic change She made. sissy has the utmost respect and admiration for those who have transitioned from being a female in a male body to being a female in a female body. They are among the bravest and most courageous people and They are heroes to those of us that will never have that courage.

sissy believes that every submissive is by definition a domesticated maid if that is what is required by the Mistress/Master. In other words if Mistress tells sissy to scrub the floors then sissy will scrub the floors. sissy doesn’t require a uniform, sissy simply obeys and scrubs the floor. On the fetish side of sissy it would be fun to wear a frilly maid’s uniform but in Mistress’ household that isn’t what makes sissy Her maid, sissy’s submission to Her is what makes sissy a maid.

sissy is much like Ms. Swan as a young person in that sissy loves doing housework and delights in Mistress sometime saying “good girl”. Mistress has two homes and the larger home has a housekeeper. The smaller home also has a housekeeper and that is sissy. Recently after dinner sissy was going to stack the dishes to wash them later. Mistress snapped at sissy that if sissy was going to start a chore She expected sissy to finish the chore. So while Mistress, Her Children, and Her Mom watched t.v. sissy was cleaning the kitchen. sissy was not at all upset or humiliated as Mistress was right and the “maid” should finish her work. The question, is sissy a maid or a submissive. The answer is that sissy is a submissive that is expected to excel at being the maid. sissy is also expected to excel at being the gardener. sissy is also expected to be able to cook. sissy is also expected to be Mistress’ Children’s nanny. Being the maid is one part of submitting totally to Mistress though sissy must admit it is the part sissy embraces the most.

As Mistress and sissy’s relationship has evolved over the last few years Mistress has become more demanding, especially around domestic chores. Mistress continually raises Her expectations of sissy and sissy relishes the challenge of working hard to meet those expectations. Yes this sissy is Mistress’ maid. sissy is also Mistress’ yard boy, Mistress’ cook (sissy’s weakest skill), Mistress’ manicurist, pedicurist, Her children’s nanny. sissy is Mistress’ property. Being the maid is one part of sissy’s service to Mistress. In the end sissy’s life is to serve Mistress and Hers. That is who sissy is. Being Mistress’ maid is a part of that service.

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