alinneribeiras | 05.19.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Today i tried the sissy posture on the street for the first time. i started to gently move my hips when walking, sitting with my legs together, doing slightly feminine gestures, being sweeter and nicer to everyone, especially women. Everyone seemed to be happy with this new attitude, which is great. A couple of girls on the street gave me understanding, caring looks (as if they knew i am a sissy and was wearing panties underneath my clothes). That’s incredible how women really do have a sixth sense. i felt relaxed and… welcome, as if they were accepting me as a member of a club. Of course, i am only at the beginning and have a lot of challenges to overcome as i develop into a true sissy. But this first day really did give me a great feeling. it is like i finally found my place in life.


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