Aunt Flo is in Town!

Eighteen Visits Later

tiffydoll | 05.05.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

Tiffy joined The House of Sissify about 16 months ago and immediately enrolled for her Aunt Flo visits, wishing to embrace the full experience of womanhood. Having faithfully experienced her monthly Aunt Flo training for almost a year and a half, this sissy is obviously long overdue for her assignment report, and begs the Superiors to forgive her procrastination. Having experienced messy panties, cramps, bloating and other discomforts for this length of time gives this sissy a depth of understanding that only one or two Aunt Flo’s visits would not have afforded.

Tiffy remembers the first time. Having just started the first period, this sissy hurried to Walmart to purchase pads – Kotex New Freedom Overnights, Midol, junior tampons, KY Jelly, Icy-hot, cherry yogurt, strawberry jam, panty liners, fleet enemas, and Summer’s Eve Douche. Needless to say it was a little embarrassing at the checkout counter.

It's strawberry jamTiffy followed Your assignment to the letter and for the first time in this sissy’s life realized what and ordeal monthly periods are for a woman. Having a wet sticky napkin between this sissy’s legs while driving and shopping was uncomfortable and distracting. This sissy never knew that strawberry jam could look so disgusting! Bloating and running to use the bathroom frequently was a new experience too. OMG, Icy-hot on nipples would be wonderful if this slut was a masochist. (giggles) It does make tiffy’s nipples delightfully hard though. Tiffy has experienced “the curse” while working, playing, days at the beach, long road trips and visiting family during the holidays. When the House notifies tiffy that her Aunt Flo is visiting, tiffy always accepts her fate.

After about 18 periods, this sissy is still not quite used to “riding the white pony” although tiffy does want to thank the Superiors and trainers for their wisdom in incorporating Aunt Flo visits into our assignments. Thank You for making tiffy feel like a woman feels too.


  1. love boyshorts

    Sissy Tommie is on s.he 2 visit from aunty flo but s.he is also afraid of sissy report sissy used strawberry jam what a mess. but sissy is ready for the long journey have plenty of supplies. Going to use super absorbs tampons next visit (giggles)

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