going somewhere better


chrissy401 | 06.16.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy thinks that this a great assignment about how ladies in the past used to act.

  1. They were always very well put together, they didn’t leave the house without the perfect summer dress, nylons, heels, and her makeup looking just perfect!
  2. They always carried themselves with so much grace, they were so elegant in walking, and so graceful
  3. They never let anyone want for anything, they were always the best hosts, and would make sure all the guests were settled before even thinking of taking a break.
  4. They were the masters of they home, and made sure that it always looked its best, even after many long hours of work or chasing the children, she always made time.

This sissy wants to be all that, and the same frilly Easter bonnet wearing, 7 hats for the different seasons, fancy Easter dresses all year round, more elegant woman.


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