Aunt Flo

erica’s first Period

ericachristine | 08.04.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

Oh, Mistress–

Today I received the notification that I was getting a visit from Aunt Flo, and it was all this sissy could think about. After receiving permission from this sissy’s Wife to go ahead, this sissy went to the store to pick up the necessary feminine products–pads, tampons, Midol, clothespins, IcyHot, hand lotion, and KY Jelly. This sissy came home and started this sissy’s first period. This sissy drank two large glasses of warm water, put on this sissy’s panties with a pad, lubed this sissy’s genitals, put in a tampon, and spent much of the evening on the couch dealing with cramps and having to use the ladies room every 15 to 30 minutes. At least during those times, this sissy’s nipples got good and tender! This sissy was not able to make it through four hours of a tampon before this sissy had to remove it, but I was able to go three full hours. As punishment, this sissy took a large dollop of strawberry preserves and put it on the pad to deal with for a couple of hours. This sissy changed pads three times tonight, lubing up at least two additional times. While the experience was uncomfortable, it was also very exciting; this sissy’s Wife may be pleased how ready to go she is when Aunt Flo leaves town.

Before bed, this sissy dressed up in a skirt, blouse, bra, panties, hose, wig, and sandals, This sissy put in another tampon and smoked a couple of cigarettes, thinking about how she is now beginning a journey into womanhood. This sissy came in and is writing this report still with the tampon in place.

This sissy is excited about the next four days, and is starting to think about how she will maneuver around at a wedding and reception on Friday. At least it is the last day, so she will not have as strong a flow as if it were earlier!

Thank you for this experience!


–erica christine


  1. katielynne

    sissy katielynne wishes that she could get a visit from Aunt Flo. This sissy needs to wait for some changes to happen in sissy’s life before it becomes possible, but sissy is still very much looking forward to when she can begin.

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