Punishment Device

Errant sissy learns another lesson

trisha-kobichenko | 10.21.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

After reaching out to the House, seeking humiliation, this sissy was surprised to be directed to perform errant sissy repentance and punishment. s.he suppressed her feelings and dove right into creating h.er best self-flagellation device, using parachute cord, hoping it would inflict as much pain as possible, and please h.er Superiors. Once the tool was complete, sissy stripped, and began to inflict 100 lashes, still curious as to h.er infraction, but resolved to follow House instruction. As the cords began to sting her back and tush, this sissy slut focused on making the pain a meditation.

Midway through h.er painful punishment, sissy was struck by the realization that h.er request, h.er expression of need for humiliation, was actually demanding of h.er Superiors, instead of serving and accepting direction. s.he now knew why this punishment was directed, and why it would be so good for h.er.

This sissy then increased the force and frequency of her strikes with the flagellation tool, knowing the pain will be a sweet reminder of her place and her reason for being, to serve h.er Superiors.

sissy slut is truly sorry for h.er transgression, and pleads with the House to accept h.er pain and penance as payment for h.er sin.

sissy has attached a photo of the disciplinary device she made to inflict her penance.

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