Proper Correspondence Etiquette

Proper Correspondence Etiquette

sissyslutleona | 05.07.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

This sissy would first like to thank her Superiors for creating such a wonderful and welcoming site for sissies like myself to get help to become the proper emasculated little fairies we should be.

As this sissy read this Assignment and this sissy’s heart hurt a little bit. this sissy things the first rule concerning sarcasm and narcissism almost saddening in the fact it had to be written down. Are there sissies that are so ill behaved? Even with what little this sissy knows she knows not to be flippant with her Superiors. this sissy only wishes she may yet show herself worth the time of her Superiors. Further, this sissy also believes this portion of the Correspondence Etiquette should just be considered common sense. Of course you (referring to people in general, not just sissies) should show respect for others when communicating with them! After all, would you as a person going about your day want to be sneered at and looked down upon by others (granted some sissies may love this idea, but that is beside the point). Being so disrespectful is not just a sign of a bad sissy, but I believe a sign of a bad person in general.

This sissy also believes that using all caps to push a point to be rather weak writing in general, even if it is more casual correspondence. The only time one should use the caps lock key in a literary sense is if you are writing an abbreviation such as IRS, FBI, CIA, and so on. In those instances it is understandable, but using it casually for everyday conversations is simply irritating. The only other time all caps might be considered is if you are roleplaying online. For example, this sissy plays dungeons and dragons over a RP site (this sissy is a very big nerd) and occasionally you may see it used there to put emphasis on a particular action such as “my wizard used FIREBALL on the troll” or the like. In that context it isn’t being used to yell, but rather to indicate an appropriate action. With few exceptions, all caps for writing is simply weak and not worth reading.

While this sissy had some initial difficulty adjusting to the disuse of ‘I’ in her writing, it is a rather unique and emasculating exercise. Humility is important, but this sissy feels that the frequent affirmations of her place to add to the feminizing effect.

Initially, this sissy had trouble keeping herself from going off topic when she read this (thinking about having a way for femail to auto add the subject to the header of the email body, noting who it is being sent to, and so on) she did see the sense. Before email we always signed letters in a similar way, so why not take that extra step. Given email does already display who sent the message, it is understandable how some may stop. It is, however, still an excellent bit of courtesy to continue doing. This sissy, however, does not know her postulant number, so this sissy please asks for her Superior’s forgiveness as she reviews this assignment.

This sissy must admit she has also had broken threads as a pet peeve for some time. There is no reason to break an email chain. They keep things so much more neat and tidy. This is one of the reasons she changed her main email from aol to gmail (her normal everyday email, not her femail address) because it was so much more organized and able to handle her needs.

Impatience is one thing this sissy certainly understands! We each have lives we live off of the internet and sometimes that life can get hectic. Family emergencies, work, university, school, even significant others (for those lucky sissies who already have a mistress) can pop up and can take months to resolve in some cases. This sissy often goes online to RP with those who want to enjoy the thought of pounding her tight boipussy, sometimes they do not respond for a while. If that person is gone for a week when they are normally on many times a day, I may get worried and reach out but it is only when it is far out of the norm for them and this sissy is worried for their well being as a person. In those cases this sissy may ask to be informed if something big has happened and you need to be away for a while. This sissy does not need to know details if you do not want to share them, just that you will be gone for a bit and you are ok. Again, that is all mainly just for online RP partners that this sissy is lucky enough to meet. These do not apply to her Superiors in any sense.

Overall, this sissy figures that most, if not all, of this assignment is basic common sense and respect for people in general. These practices (save the ‘this sissy’ requirement for us sissies) should be practiced by everyone to one extent or another. Lessons like these will help us not only become better sissies, but better people in general.



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