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Expanded my perspective

trisha-kobichenko | 08.16.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

In the first place, this sissy would like to thank Madame Stewart for her email to me, which expanded my perspective on who are my Superiors. Thank you Madame, for reminding me that my SO is my natural born Superior, and deserves my devotion and total servitude by virtue of her birth as a Woman, as well as her allowing me to be my girly self.

So this sissy slut has dedicated her actions to serving her SO, and incorporated her service to her into the sissy’s daily routine. This girly girl has done, and will continue to do…all of our laundry, all of the dishes, clean the kitchen and bath, with the mindset that she is serving her Superior. It makes this sissy feel warm and soft inside. The sissy’s SO does not know that this is her mindset, but that does not matter. What matters is that this sissy serves her because it is my destiny.

In addition this sissy now realizes how much of her life has been devoted to ‘manly’ actions. After studying the ‘Zen of Servitude‘ she has come to realize that her male persona has driven her actions, regardless of her desire to become the girl of her dreams. She now dedicates herself to act as the woman this girl wishes to become.

This sissy is also walking like a girl (short steps, knees together, ankles together) standing like a girl (knees together, ankles together) sitting like a girl (knees together, ankles together) and thinking like a girl.

She has focused on replacing ‘manly’ traits with feminine traits. Realizing she is agressive while driving, she will now become more passive. She will view all women she encounters as superiors who deserve her respect and deference, wherever they are encountered.
Respectfully in Servitude,

trisha kobichenko


  1. margeaux

    Good job recognizing those nasty male desires that have previously guided your actions and how you want to concentrate more on your Anima, the inner feminine part of yourself. Way to go devoting yourself to your Superior SO, too. Serving a Superior should turn into a wonderfully rewarding experience.

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