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Feeling a brush stroking across the skin

katielynne | 10.28.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This girl is learning a lot from this Assignment, and she will need to revisit it a number of times before feeling confident in making sure that her makeup is done right. What she has learned here has helped immensely however, taking this pathetic girl who had barely tried on eyeshadow, and turning her into a girl who smooths over visible lines and blends colours together. There is still much to be done, as she needs to make another trip to her favourite makeup store (Sephora is always wonderful) in order to pick up primer and foundation.

The gentle sweeping of a smooth brush across the skin feels wonderful, and seeing the colours begin to blend together and highlight her features is almost magical. she wishes that she had the opportunity to spend hours in front of a makeup mirror daily, playing with her colours and practicing her techniques. she has come a long way on her eyes, having begun with a simple eyeliner of peacock blue, then moved away from that to eyeshadow and eyeliner. she began with a single colour, but slowly built the confidence to add highlighter, and top it off with a nice mascara. she is also getting better at applying her blush, as well as her brush techniques. her next focus of attention will be her brows and how best to shape them, as well as add a lip pencil and brush for her lipstick. she thanks the House of Sissify for their training and encouragement, and sees herself down the road as a perfectly prepared sissy for her Superior. There is a lot of training ahead, but it is training that she looks forward to, especially with delightful smelling powders and creams and a yummy lipstick to finish.


  1. Mr. M


    A girls makeup is something that I take an interest in (though I am a Man) and I’d love to chat with you on potential improvements! I agree with Madame on the comment above, sweetie, some definition and shape to your eyebrows would be lovely, and I might suggest just a shade lighter on the lipstick for a more natural tone, to match the foundation. The red looks lovely, and your shirt helped it pop, perhaps it needs a compliment in highlighting your cheeks a bit.

    Still, a good job, sweetie!

  2. Madame Stewart

    You’re looking beautiful katielynne! A girls brushes are precious – I love mine, and it took years to find the perfect one. Take good care of them, and they will kiss and caress you for your lifetime. I recommend being a bit braver, and pluck those brows a bit more for arch!

Something to share sweetie?