Finding this sissy’s place through Feminine Zen

sissygurlk8 | 08.09.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This humble sissy has been studying her path toward femininity by focusing on her role of Servitude. This sissy has been embracing her worthless status as an effeminate male. This sissy knows that s.he could never again fill the role of a masculine male for he.r Superior Significant Other or for any Woman. This sissy could also never fulfill the role and life of a True Woman since s.he will never achieve a passable public feminine persona.

By focusing on he.r role of Servitude, this sissy hopes to further he.r progress along he.r feminine path. Servitude to he.r superior S.O., servitude to he.r Superiors and Mistresses at Sissify, servitude to any Mistress s.he may find, servitude to all women as they are role models of everything that s.he wants to be, and servitude as a boi-toy to an inevitable male Master that s.he is desperately seeking to use he.r sissy holes for their true purposes.

Through Servitude this sissy hopes to better learn humility, obedience, respect, etiquette, manners and grace. After joining this amazing site, this sissy kept coming back back to he.r training assignment on the Zen of Servitude, knowing that s.he could not hope to complete it immediately. Since then, this sissy has dedicated he.r time to studying the notes from House Superiors and the reports of other sissies.

This sissy has also had an epiphany while on vacation recently and upon returnin, s.he has dedicated herself to practicing the Zen of Servitude in he.r home life. This sissy is fortunate to report that s.he believes he.r progress is going well. This sissy hopes to learn from he.r mistakes and continue along the endless path that is Servitude.

This sissy was already a poor example of a male before starting he.r House training. This sissy has identified more with feminine traits for years; this sissy has never had large muscles or the desire to develop a masculine physique. S.he has always cried at movies or during televisions that tug at heart-strings. This sissy is never afraid to share he.r feelings about touching stories that s.he hears. At work this sissy is considered to be understanding, kind and gentle. S.he never yells or flies off the handle at coworkers or customers. This sissy has also had a lifelong attraction to emotional and feminine things rather than the typical male interests of aggression.

As this sissy went through her Epiphany of Servitude s.he decided to put the necessary (and demanded) effort into servicing her Superior at home. This sissy is now doing all the laundry, which should really have been he.r duty anyway, since s.he has more time during the week than her Superior S.O. This sissy studied washing instructions and learned from he.r spouse the details of the different loads of laundry Iran the household. This sissy now separates all the of whites, darks and colors; s.he separates the delicates and adds in some of her own (which is a clear benefit of being in charge of all the household laundry!). S.he launders, dries and hangs all of the clothes as necessary. While only being “in charge” of the laundry for a few weeks, this sissy is slowly getting more confident in what s.he is doing, and always asks for help from he.r superior, rather than ruining something.

This sissy is also making the beds in the house since s.he is home in the mornings. This sissy has 2 daughters, so s.he is also taking on the intensive work of keeping the bathrooms clean. This sissy is surprised by how much hair is shed by the 3 girls in he.r house, considering how hair free s.he tries to keep he.rself. This sissy takes extra care with the shower drains to make sure they are clean and draining well.

This sissy is not yet a good cook and he.r Superior S.O. enjoys cooking, so this sissy is trying to be as helpful as s.he can by shopping, cleaning out the pantry and fridge, and doing all the dishes. This sissy purchased a pair of pink rubber gloves for doing the dishes. He.r Superior S.O. noticed and commented that they “looked pretty”. This sissy thanked her, smiled (inwardly beaming) and got back to work.

This sissy is trying he.r hardest to keep a clean house and take as work as s.he can away from he.r Superior S.O. This sissy knows how lucky s.he is to have her Superior S.O. and s.he now knows what s.he needs to do to keep he.r Superior happy and well taken care of. This sissy is constantly looking for things around the house to clean or straighten. This sissy only wishes that s.he could do he.r chores in a pretty maids outfit. But, s.he does not think he.r Superior S.O. would ever allow it or even understand why it is important to this sissy.

This sissy is forever walking the fine line between entertaining he.r sissy desires while she works at house chores and protecting he.r secret from her “normal” world. But that is the cross that this sissy must bear.

This sissy will continue to try and become as feminine as s.he can in order to be a caring and sensitive partner to he.r Superior and a gentle and loving parent to he.r daughters. This sissy hopes that s.he can show he.r daughters that they will not need to settle for boorish, male meat-head in life as a future partner, rather they can try and find a caring partner of their own someday.

This sissy is only beginning to appreciate the struggles that real women go through to try and balance work and home life. S.he appreciates much more now, everything that he.r Superior does for he.r and everything that he.r own mother did when s.he was young.

This sissy is also embracing the help that is so kindly provided by he.r Mistresses at the House! This sissy is hardly worthy but s.he is committed to continue to earn the assistance that Madame Stewert and any other Mistresses deem he.r lucky enough to receive.

This sissy hopes that s.he can be ready when it comes time to serve the needs of a real man. S.he carefully studies he.r different dildoes as s.he trains he.r throat and sissy boi-pussy to receive he.r toys until s.he can find a real man to fill he.r holes with his glorious cock. This sissy is currently making friends with a couple of different men in he.r area. S.he will soon be studying he.r training assignments on safe sex and real life encounters in preparations for servicing he.r first real cock in the next few months.

This sissy will not let he.r studies of servicing a cock get in the way of the true servitude that s.he was made for; taking care of he.r household and her Superior S.O.’s needs. This sissy will forever remember he.r place is beneath all women and worshipfully at the feet of he.r Superiors!

In timeless worship and humility,
– Hugs and Kisses, sissy kate


  1. sissygurlk8

    Thank you soooo much Madame! This sissy is embarrassed by your praise. ?? S.he only hopes to continue to earn he.r Mistresses praise through he.r honest and earnest servitude.

    Hugs and kisses – sissy kate

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