Masturbation Schedule
phileine | 05.16.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Mistress,

This sissy had her Masturbation Schedule approved yesterday. The first approved day for this sissy is today.This meant that today is a great opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

This sissy learnt about the various stages of masturbating.

  1. Getting erect: this was not so hard :). This sissy just read a story about feminization by means of a futuristic pill. So this part was already taken care off.
  2. Stimulation: by using just two fingers is a wonderful sensation. It does make it feel a lot less manly and more feminine.
  3. Cumming: happened quite quickly. This sissy decided to catch this sissies cum for the 5th step.
  4. Afterglow: This is always a really hard part. This sissy looked at some stimulating pictures of “Lust for Lace”. This made a second cumming possible.
  5. Acquiring the taste: This is quite hard for this sissy, She is more into women, but a good sissy should also learn to please a man. This sissy tasted the cummies and it tasted salty but not disgusting. This sissy dipped her index finger in the cummies and sucked it clean again. She did this a couple of times to get used to the taste.

This sissy feels proud of her accomplishment today and hopes the Mistresses are as well.

Love, phileine


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