etiquette girl
vikkilovescock69 | 07.31.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Supreme Goddess

This pathetic sissy must thank you for this site and the knowledge and training that it brings to so many sissies who otherwise may go untrained and never owned, who therefore would live their whole lives unhappy and unfulfilled. This sissy just completed the first training assignment generously offered by this sissy’s Goddesses. It was very informative. It strengthened this sissy’s humility and taught this pathetic sissy the importance of both spelling and grammar whenever corresponding with a God or Goddess that is so much more Superior than this inferior sissy. This lesson also allowed this sissy the opportunity to commit the 15 major House Rules to memory. This sissy is so flattered that her Goddess has allowed this sissy to enter this amazing program. This sissy is totally ready to do whatever is necessary to become the best possible sissy that this little sissy can be so that this sissy can provide as much happiness and entertainment to her Superiors as is possible for a sissy to provide.


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