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Flirting Starts at A Very Young Age

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This sissy would like to report on h.er training on how to flirt around and with men. The easiest way is to do that is to use a copy of a psychologist’s report from when kendra was about eighteen years old.

09/15/1982 Session notes from meeting between Kendra Cole with Dr. William Conger.
(Kendra has been under my care for nine months, having presented with a condition recently named “Gender Dysphoria.” Kendra was born as Carl, a male child, but has been raised as a female along with her three genetic female sisters. She has considered herself, or been considered by her family and friends, as anything but a girl.)

Today’s session began with a question to Kendra; “How do you see yourself in relationship to men?” Following are my notes and impressions garnered from her response.

“Men run the world and a woman’s place is to support men and do everything in her power to please them. Men have a hard enough time in the work-a-day world; they don’t need to be troubled by the actions of the females in their lives. That would include Mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, nieces, and any other women they have contact with. Women are here to respect, honor, and obey men, beyond that a woman is of no use.”

I asked Kendra where she had learned to have that attitude about a woman’s place and her relationship to men.

“My mother trained her four girls exactly the same; to be like her. We girls were always on our best behavior when men were present. We sat patiently and attentive as men spoke. We spoke only when we were spoken to. If a man was present and he needed or desired something, we girls were expected to anticipate that need and be prepared and when he indicated his desire, one of us would see to it immediately. We were always dressed impeccably when there were men around, we were taught to always look fresh and smell sweet. By the time each of us turned twelve, we were very good at applying our makeup and enhancing our eyes, lips, and “apples.” So, from the time each of us exited her womb, we were taught about the superiority of men and our responsibility to them.”

I asked Kendra to describe for me what her actions might be when in the presence of a man or men.

“First of all, I try to make myself blend in with the surroundings, so that I did not stick out like some rotten tomato. I listen to them as they speak, even though I usually have no idea what they are talking about. The important thing is that they don’t know that and only notice the girl whose rapt attention he is commanding. I always stay focused on them and their needs, even if their need might be for me to go into another room so that the men can talk, or so he can be alone with his thoughts. If I am in a situation where several men are present, I do little things that might draw their attention but making it seem as though they noticed me on their own. An example might be twirling my hair around my fingers or, with my legs crossed, slightly kicking my right foot. Most of the things I do are done unconsciously, just by nature, and yet it is my desire to be alluring to men that triggers the actions. If a man should notice me, I act very demur and innocent and smile at him, maybe raise my eyebrows a bit as if I were caught in some forbidden act, usually I will blush a bit, although blushing is hard to control but not impossible.”

I asked Kendra what she expects to happen when she “flirts” like that.

“It’s not what I want or expect that is important. I am there for the enjoyment of men. That does not necessarily mean sex, but if it does, that would be the man’s decision, not mine. I will admit that I like men’s attention and I like being the girl that is there for men’s pleasure. I feel like I am fulfilling my destiny and doing my duty as a woman, and I would not like it any other way. I LOVE being a woman.”

We ended our session there. During the entire time we were talking, she was displaying her sensuous actions. I don’t think she was aware that she was flirting with me, or meant to. Her relationship has been so ingrained in her mind, and soul if you will, and practiced all of her so long, it is just her nature to act the way she does, unconsciously.
Kendra was brought to me by someone who had decided that she was a little mixed up and hoped that I could cure her. Of course there is no cure for being who you are, actions and attitudes can change but can only be changed by the person himself or herself.

With each session I become more convinced that Kendra is a female, with the exception of the obvious. Her mind is that of a female, her body acts and reacts the same as any other female, and based on recent experimental tests, she is actually mostly female. I believe that to encourage her to be anyone or anything other than what she is would cause a catastrophic mental breakdown. I am rapidly moving to the conclusion that Kendra is Kendra is Kendra and we should all except that and let her live in peace and in the happiness she derives from being just who she is.



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