foot worship

Foot Worship

katielynne | 06.03.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

sissy katielynne is mostly unfamiliar with the massaging of the feet of her Superiors, but i am very good at massaging my own feet. Reading the training for foot worship and massage, it struck very close to home in the techniques that were mentioned.

i often begin with a soak in the bathtub, which for Mistress could be a simple foot soak if She desires. During the soaking, i would take Mistress’s foot and clean it thoroughly. i would gently, yet with a pleasing amount of force scrub the tips of the toes, working my way down the sides of them, to massaging the webbing between Her toes. i would run my fingers from underneath Her toes down the arch, gently tugging at the toes, seeing if any need to pop at the moment. sissy katielynne mustn’t use too much force however, as that would cause Mistress discomfort.

From there, i would move to the Mistress’s other foot, gently yet firmly massaging Her toes and webbing the same as the first. i enjoy moving back and forth between the feet throughout, trying to give equal time to both of Mistress’s feet. Throughout this, i would worship Mistress and Her feet, gently kissing them and whispering sweet prayers into Her tired tootsies.

Mistress’s feet would then be massaged from the balls down to the heel, making sure that all of her skin has been properly massaged and attended to. sissy katielynne likes to make sure that every inch of skin has been taken care of <3

After the bath and sensual foot massage, i would follow Mistress to where She desires being while She receives Her pedicure. i would begin by gently massaging back Her cuticles with the appropriate tools. sissy katielynne prefers to use her own fingernails to push back her cuticles, as it allows for better sensitivity. From there, sissy would attend to the Mistress’s toenails if desired. While Mistress’s toes are having the toe separators inserted, sissy katielynne would lovingly kiss the tips of Her toes, worshipping them as Mistress and Her feet should be.

A basecoat would be applied, beginning with the pinky and working my way to the big toe, followed by the other foot. Once Mistress has picked out Her favourite colour from the ones sissy katielynne has supplied, i would carefully and gently paint the nails, applying from the base of the nail to the tip, gently blowing on it afterward to aid in the drying process, and blow love onto the Mistress’s feet <3

A second coat of colour would be applied, ensuring that a clean, perfect coat of polish is applied, and is something that both sissy and Mistress can be proud of. Between the coats and dryings, Mistress’s legs can be massaged if She so pleases, teasing Her with gentle kisses and loving strokes, though making sure to not distract Mistress from what She is doing. Though if Mistress is distracting sissy in Her own amusing ways, sissy is certain that will only serve to make her do better ;3

sissy katielynne <3

ps – sissy katielynne has taken a picture of her own feet in hopes that the House can see how she has cared for them, and that Mistress can expect the same or better done with Hers.


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