Anal Sex?

Fucked repeatedly

sherri-2 | 08.11.2017 | Assignments - sissySexuality

This sissy is proud to report, she has repeatedly fucked herself many times. she now wears a butt plugg daily.  So fun to go shopping & keep her in me. sissy walks like a prancing whore… & i do take tiny steps always to keep her in there.

sissy cleans daily as per House recommendations… omg luv my douche.


  1. kaylee

    This sissy bets you have a wonderful sense of humor. i just luv the picture with your report and can just imagine that pole pushing between my cheeks. And i know what you mean by having to take tiny steps to keep your “precious” in place …been there done that. Sometimes she feels a little loose and i get worried she may pop out at the worst possible time. Can you imagine trying to having it slip out pass the panties walking down the street!

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