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jackieq | 05.05.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Like a lot of sissies, jackie can’t be open about who she feels she is. Without a place to herself or roommates who would understand, she has to hide her girlish essence underneath her gross male exterior. Online communities, like the amazing House that her Superiors graciously provide and maintain, help with letting her feel like herself but more is obviously needed. There are things this sissy does to help foster and develop her girlish essence.

She has taken to wearing panties daily, sometimes switching the pair she’s wearing for another if circumstances demand it. For work, only bikinis or hipsters are suitable as she has to do a lot of bending and lifting. If she’s going out on the town, a thong, g-string or ‘cheekini’ make her feel more girly and sexy. A sissy should always pick the right panties for where she’s headed.

She also keeps herself smooth from the face down. While she started out shaving, this sissy finds depilatories such as Veet or Nair provide smoother skin with less hassle. Of course, errant hairs that survive must be shaved off. Using chemicals too often on the skin can damage it and no sissy wants damaged skin.

While exercising to obtain the feminine body she deserves, this sissy wears a bralette, cute hipster panties and yoga shorts. If she is going to work towards having the body of a girl, she should feel like one while doing so.

This sissy also practices sissy sexuality as often as she can. She practices fellatio on her dildo daily. While still new and unable to go as deep as she would like, how long she can go has improved and depth is the next thing to improve upon. She also plays with her pussy to try and loosen it up. She owns two plugs of different sizes but has yet to fit them in comfortably so she has to stick to her fingers and the head of her dildo for now. Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet been able to think of a way to practice cunnilingus.

This sissy hopes to find better circumstances for her to be able to be free about who she is. Meeting a Mistress off the internet to help her is her next goal.


  1. That’s sure a sexy tummy there jackie! All these techniques will allow you to continue your feminine path without concern of the society you find yourself in. Of course, it’s Our goal to see you be yourself – without any fear from the folks around you, but it takes steps and time. Great report!

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