Masturbation Schedule
frances | 10.11.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Greetings superiors, and sissies (curtsy).

Today was my first special day. sissy was so excited she could hardly wait. But first sissy read the assignment Masturbation 101. Then sissy took a nice warm shower and afterwards lotions her whole body with lavender scented lotion so as to smell all fresh and girly. girl then slowly applied her girly makeup, put on her prettiest baby blue bra and panties and pretty white bow top stockings. sissy then got onto the bed with her favorite vibrator, gave it a sweet kiss before turning it on and placing it between her butt cheeks. girl then slowly kneaded her cute little titties until the nipples were very hard and girl could feel her little girly clit growing girl spread her legs wide and brought them up which made the vibe work extra hard on sissies butt and girl began to slowly stroke her little clit. without question that this was the best feeling sissy has ever had, and she is so grateful for the wonderful guidance provided by the House Superiors on the proper way to do this.

sissy has had a medical problem (prostate cancer) so she does not ejaculate but oh my sissy had such an intense inner orgasm which seemed to last for so long. Thank you Mistresses for teaching sissy to be so good now and she is looking forward to her next Special Day and forward to more training on how to become the best sissy she can be (Curtsy)


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