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jamieslace | 05.02.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

*curtsy* Good evening house, Mistress. jamie is hoping this report More than makes up for her last report. s.he submits a multi layered report. s.he hopes this pleases the Mistress. s.he was practicing her fellatio skills on her Superior last night. s.he is practicing so when s.he makes a trip home, s.he will be good enough to please a male friend of her Superior.

He has indicated that s.he arouses Him, and He would like to use her as the sissy cum dump that s.he is. her Superior surprised her by bending her over and anally penetrating her, informing her that s.he would be taking her male friend in the same manner. And that s.he would be expected to swallow, so her Superior asked her to rub her clitty till she messed. her Superior then ordered her to clean up her mess with her tongue. Oh how this sissy loves to eat cum.

jamie also humbly submits photo evidence of her bathing and shaving routine, as well as showing s.he has behaved herself, and has been a good girl, keeping her tiny little worthless clitty in it’s cage. s.he also has been wearing a pair of panties with a built in butt plug. jamie sends this report with the utmost Love and Respect for the Mistress and the House. To all a good evening !!

on her knees, jamie


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