full shave

h.er First Full Shave

lindsey459 | 04.14.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors,

Your sissy would like to submit h.er report on he.r first full shave, s.he had at first just shaved he.r clitty and thighs but has decided that s.he was due for a full shave. While s.he was drawing he.r bath s.he could barely contain herself. The ten minute soak to soften the hairs seemed like an eternity while s.he anticipated he.r task. Once s.he had he.r lather ready, s.he began with he.r feet, going with the hair before re lathering and going back against it. This sissy did not realize how much time and work was devoted just to getting he.r legs smooth that s.he had almost forgotten about he.r stomach, chest, arms and back.. Shaving he.r entire body was approximately two hours in duration, s.he had never realized the amount of time it required to be smooth. After rinsing herself off, s.he patted herself dry and the found a clean cloth and rubbed herself down with witch hazel as s.he found it to be the best for razor burn and a nice skin toner. It wasn’t enough of course and s.he lotioned herself up with a feminine smelling lotion so s.he would be smelling delightful while s.he typed up he.r report.


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