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candi-apple | 04.20.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistresses

This sissy doesnt think s/he has ever experience the freedom and sheer sensuality that has overtaken her since removing all her hair. As instructed she took a long soak before finally finishing her depilation. sissy is blessed with naturally hairless skin over much of her body but was afflicted with hair from her chest to the area of her lady parts. She had been shaving her armpits and groin area for some weeks but had not realized she was not to use an electric ladyshave nor a mans razor. s/he humbly seeks forgiveness for such stupidity born out of ignorance.

candi apple smooths/he had taken to using wax strips on part of her chest and finished her abdominal area with a Venus razor. s/he confesses that the mound above her clitty is shaved bare and would welcome direction and guidance as to whether it is mandatory to have a lady triangle.

Perhaps the element of total shaving that has amazed this sissy most is the compulsion s/he has to squeeze her nipples which produces the most exquisite (and feminine) feelings in her mound area. Is this normal and more importantly is it permitted. s/he confesses to a delicious torture of wanting to taste a real man.

This assignment has led to sissy’s conviction to remain hairless for the rest of her life. s/he would simply like advice as to whether waxing is an acceptable alternative to shaving.

So happy to be so pathetic. sincere thanks to my Wonderful Wise Mistress Trainers.



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