hairless sissy

Hairless sissy is so much nicer

becky-cummings | 08.10.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy has been on a long journey to get here, wishing that she had found the House much sooner would have been a magnificent leap indeed for her life as an obedient sissy.

Having shaved for a number of years sissy becky took it upon herself to find a better finish for her skin which looked so much more alluring without ugly hair sprouting from all surfaces! Waxing was to be the order of the day and though nervous at the door of the waxologist she found herself also damp at the thought of placing her body on a table in front of this Superior Lady to have her body stripped of a very definite male ‘finish’ Soon on all fours the Beautician started her work on my ass and cheeks. Stripped of hair She moved on to the back of my legs, back, arms and shoulders. Laying face down and being moved from one degrading position to another had a power over me that was a sheer delight. Turning the sissy over the Beautician stripped the hair from sissy becky’s torso, arms and legs before opening my legs wide and removing the final hair from around my gurly clit. She finished off by applying a body lotion and She offered me a mirror to take a look. Just over 2 hours and this sissy looked, and felt, so smooth and so much more feminine that she couldn’t believe that it were herself. running her hands over her body, bottom and legs sent electric shivers of delight coursing through her skin. Waxing and submission to this Beautician would now be a regular occurrence. Everything this sissy now wears and actions that she carries out feel so much more feminine and delightful.


  1. margeaux

    That was a very fun experience you gave yourself 🙂 The cost for such a thing must have been a pretty penny To get to this sissy’s back, margeaux has to ask for a waxing, too :”>

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