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sissytina11 | 06.10.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy was all over the place before Mistress was gracious enough to let this sissy be in her presence, this sissy would do it whenever it felt like it and would do it just to do it. This sissy would do it as fast with no thought of control or if it should happen at all. This sissy would watch my sisters friends and masturbate growing up and then would graduate to porn, that’s all she wrote.

This sissy couldn’t stop while watching porn, then the internet arrived and this sissy never left the house lol. Then one day while searching the internet this sissy found Mistress. At first everything happened quickly with no control but Mistress put a stop to that and made her slut start edging and after awhile with better control this sissy can control when Mistress is ready. This sissy has little experience but is a hard worker and very loyal to my Mistress. This sissy is a little shy but will obey all commands and make this sissy Mistress proud.


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