sissy-priscilla | 05.16.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Today sissy-priscilla has been fortunate to have had and completed a full days duties and servitude with the utmost respect to my Lady Deborah at all times,including the fact that i have requested permission and am allowed to type this to the House.

Due to only being allowed out of the Milking Parlour/Punishment Room today due to failure to produce correct amounts on yesterdays milking schedule, my 1st action was to curtsey thanking Lady Deborah to allow my release in order to commence my daily duties and servitude too Her and ask my dress for the day. Ordered initially to strip and shower all my horrendous mess from my 24hrs of milking, i did so before dressing in my finest pink ruffled silky panties, white waist training corset adjusted to pull 3 inches by Lady Deborah, seemed stockings triple checked for straight lines at back, my beautiful and oh so pretty white petticoats and my gorgeous pink short maids uniform with my satin pink 5 inch heeled shoes.

Presenting for inspection this sissy-maid is pleased to say there were no punishment points. so was then allowed to go and hand wash all my underwear from the previous day, but only after 1st hand washing and hanging out to dry 2 days of my Lady Deborah’s finest brassieres, panties, garter belts and silk stockings. As they were being hung on the rotary line (1st time in garden dressed as sissy-maid) Lady Deborah gave me the treat of changing my remote plugs sensation strength from 3 to 6 and i gave a nice shrill shreak for Her approval for which i was told “Good Girl but don’t slow down !”
On completion and returning inside, immediately giving a curtsey i was requested to attend (an order to kneel with raised skirt over panties for inspection) which i did and had my plug twisted and pushed forwards twice making me feel very submissive and tingly. Under orders i then cooked and prepared 2 x poached eggs, each on its own star shaped piece of toast with plum tomato, obviously washing and tidying as i went and was then allowed some corner time whist my Lady ate.

At 1030hrs i then commenced usual daily tasking’s cleaning and dusting all ornaments and picture frames, polished all shelves and counter tops then hoovered complete bungalow, changing and making Lady Deborah’s bed to complete.

Following this I made a Cottage pie with Marquis Potatoes, Petite Pois and lamb gravy for Lady Deborah’s lunch and after cleaning kitchen have now been allowed me time in my own quarters.( purpose prepared room in attic)

I requested very politely to now write this report and will then await any further orders or requests from Lady Deborah before she leaves this evening to go to her own and proper home.Where She says Her children are not nearly as tiresome , problematic and deserving and needing as much correction, discipline and constant direction to attend and give Her pleasure in life as myself. That part is not of any meaning to me though Ladies,Madame’s & Mistresses of the House as honestly i am and do always try or rather do do my very hardest in everything for Lady Deborah and will try much much harder on Wednesday for my next 20mls milking session/day.

Curtsey & Kisses for you all
sissy-maid priscilla


  1. That is such a beautifully descriptive story of your day! It is so good this sissy’ll definitely read it again during her next scheduled special day. The enforced milking experience conjures a lot of deviant thoughts >:)

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