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sissy_hayley | 06.21.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors of The House,

Today this sissy joined this amazing site and community! This sissy found it paramount to engage in a deep and meaningful way on he.r first day, so s.he has been reading and following the guides laid out in The Zen of Servitude. The sissy also found the site to be so exciting that s.he knew s.he should submit he.r masturbation schedule request as quickly as possible, so as to commit to being in chastity. While extremely difficult, this sissy found that as s.he turned he.r attention to the first assignment, he.r focus became less about he.r own excitement and desire for pleasure, and more about he.r desire to grow as a sissy. This sissy plugged herself with a small blue plug, then dressed in latex panties, bra, and corset, and decided to clean he.r kitchen with the intent of practicing submitting to a future Dominant someday. s.he kept her computer nearby and would re-read the assignment as she washed the dishes and went as far as to scrub the floor on he.r hands and knees. While reading, s.he focused heavily on quality replacement and repeated each pairing as if it were a mantra. Upon finishing she practiced walking with a book atop he.r head as s.he picked up the rest of he.r apartment, being sure to practice her kneel as s.her would put things away in low drawers. Even now, as this sissy is writing her report, she is practicing sitting as a proper sissy.

Actions were not the only thing that this sissy was asked to consider. This sissy has also been considering how s.he can better serve all of the Women in he.r life better. Today s.he spent a few hours consoling a Female friend who is going through a difficult period in her life. This sissy will be sure to make extra efforts to put a Woman’s needs above their own each and every day.

Tomorrow, this sissy will wear panties and a plug to work for the first time. This sissy is absolutely terrified, but also quite excited.

Thank you to all of the Superiors who run this site and have created a forum for sissies like me. This sissy hopes to learn and grow into the sissy s.he has always hoped s.he could be!

With Love and Respect,

sissy hayley


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