He came in my mouth

jamieslace | 10.13.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Good evening Madame Stewart(**curtsy**), House, and all sister sissies.
This sissy had a date this weekend with a Real Man,( and not the one in the drawer s.he calls Phil). We met halfway between our towns. The room was paid for, my clit had been straining against my panties for the ride to start with.

Once in the room, I did not think the nylon would contain it much longer. s.he excused herself to the ladies room,( as s.he was unable to travel as he.r true sissy self) to do he.r make up, and put on the first of three different outfits that s.he hoped He would end up removing from he.r. s.he wore a Juicy Couture T-shirt that read, “Daddy, I want Juicy”, which s.he thought was perfect attire for sucking the juice out of Daddy!! Plus s.he was wearing he.r “I LOVE sucking cock” necklace.

He was naked and on the bed. s.he lowered he.rself in front of he.r Daddy. s.he leaned in to receive His manhood, slowly sliding he.r hands up His inner thighs as s.he went. As he.r lips parted His head pushed them the rest of the way open. s.he was either really good at what s.he did, or He was just really excited!!! LOL

You’re spunk loving sissy, jamie


  1. kaylee

    i agree …great pictures and an even better attitude! i never thought of wearing an “i love sucking cock” necklace. The sheer embarrassment of displaying that around your neck that must have been quite stressful. i can only imagine how excited it got Him when he saw it. i need to start taking the extra step like that to show my Mistress how much she means to me and stop worrying about my own feelings. Great job!

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