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Heavenly experience

jonna-2 | 05.16.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality


This sissy spent a day in Mistress house yesterday. Mistress gave commands to come and help Her in session. She had tall slave sitting naked on the sofa. She explained that slave needs sissy now. Slave needs to be rewarded for some reason – sissy didn’t know the reason.

Mistress said that sissy jonna is now a whore and slave will be fucking sissy pussy. Sissy commanded to go on mattress on all fours. This sissy took the position and saw the slave’s huge cock being hard. Now sissy was very excited and waited what will happen. Now Mistress asked to take small silky thongs down. Sissy made this and was on mattress on fours naked butt up and waited. Mistress gave some slaps on butt and groped a little bit. Then Mistress applied some cream on sissy pussy and said tp Her slave that pussy is ready and waiting big cock.

Slave came behind sissy and took both hands ass – sissy was hugely excited and started to swing now. Then slave came and pushed cock to pussy opening and pushed it in. This was first time to have real cock in pussy and when slave started to pump sissy took the same rhythm and the end was heavenly experience. Sissy needs more and more to be fucked with real cock. Sissy will be addicted on that sooner or later.

Superiors, this was sissy jonna’s day yesterday, sissy was please to report all this.

sissy jonna


  1. margeaux

    Great description of the act! That pic is also very flirty 😉 It brings out thoughts of a nice sissy pussy opened and waiting to be filled by anyone that needs a hole to properly fuck :”>

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