ellie does the sissy walk
cornhawk | 07.23.2019 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy ellie has completed her beginner to intermediate part of the course. she took a whole day to learn to walk a straight line with books on head. ellie first start by only making a step with the books what a bad sissy she was can’t balance so she kept trying. Ellie tried for hours rereading the assignment and following it to a tea eventually she got it with her pretty ass in her pink dress excited to put on some pretty heads to impress the Superiors. she then had it so she moved on to put 5” heel with platform so that way she could feel like a good little slut.

ellie stood up for the first time and fell right back down on the floor then she remembered her lessons stuck out my pretty breasts and head held high soon enough ellie had it so she put a book on her head it fell immediately so she pushed her chest out more and sure enough she could balance better but sissy ellie still has lots of work to do and will keep trying.

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Madame Stewart
1 year ago

Spending the whole day is fantastic ellie! I would highly recommend a hard floor though – as carpet is especially tough with heels.