Will you be able to find a real Mistress?

Humble Thyself

jo-anne-2 | 05.01.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

To begin, sissy got a real kick out of the reference to Bob Dole in the opening of this lesson. Reference gave sissy a guttural laugh.

As sissy read the opening paragraph pertaining to so many sissies wanting a Mistress and only a few selected, it began to become clear to this sissy that ‘total’ subjugation is a must FIRST. Upon first reading, sissy saw h.erself prancing around in her bra and panties and thinking that was all that was needed. No so! Total subjugation is an on-going ritual this sissy now knows s.he must practice.

The Superior looking for a slave and or sissy should not have to train their new property. Yes, there will be idiosyncrasies in the sissy’s behaviour the Superior may require changing, but the very nature of being a sissy in service to a Superior Woman should not have to be learned to the point of being selected to serve. Superior Alcott brings this point home pointedly.

Subjugation to the world ‘first’ is not even a hard concept – since reading this point, sissy is indeed more aware of h.er surroundings and what is actually going on around h.er. There are many needing help, perhaps in what the sissy once thought an insignificant way. Subjugation to the world FIRST. Second reading of this lesson made this point even clearer.

Being complimentary to the prospective new Mistress seems to be a given. Again, as sissy read this for the second time s.he realised how easy it is for a sissy to talk about themselves vice asking and talking ‘to’ the prospective Superior about ‘Her’. Sissy has absorbed this and will indeed be practising this lesson.

The portion of this lesson pertaining to a secure Mistress being a happy Mistress is quite revealing. Many sissies, this one included has dreamed about being a kept sissy and slowly becoming feminised is NOT real. Superior Alcott made this crystal clear. As I read this slowly, again, it became very clear it all begins with TOTAL Subjugation. Then, the sissy must be able to support themselves as The Superior may indeed require sissy’s spending of money to become the Superiors true pet. As Ms. Alcott says, by eliminating the financial burden it is the easiest path to realising one’s dream.

The section on not trying to ‘change’ a woman hits especially hard for this sissy. S.he has learned over the course of time, an inferior male cannot change a Superior Woman into what s.he wants. But sissy has also learned to be totally honest with Superiors. For this sissy, it includes the fact s.he has been chemically castrated, s.he only has hands to caress, or a tongue to please The Superior. Admitting sissy has sucked cock of Superior Males is part of h.er revelation to anyone s.he communicates with… so, sissy is learning; this lesson has reinforced some lessons.

Sissy likes the fact ‘s.he’ is the girl and the Mistress does the catching. Sissy had never thought of it quite this way and it changes the way s.he thinks about the whole subject. Allowing the Superior to take the lead in dressing the sissy, making it Her way of moulding the sissy is a wonderful point. Even if the sissy has been dressing all out for years… allowing the new Superior to take the lead is enlightening.

In conclusion – sissy bows and thanks, Superior Alcott for this lesson. It is an excellent read.

Respectfully – jo-anne


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