A Tale of Forced Transgender Transformation by a Twisted Dominatrix

Incredible first week changes

kathryn-2 | 05.11.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy feels s.he has made tremendous progress with her emasculation and femization in last week.

S.he had never talked to anyone about being a sissy prior to this training and now s.he loves talking to the other girls all the time. When s.he was asking for masturbation days s.he had to stop writing because of the waves of submission that were washing over h.er.

When s.he was getting ready this morning s.he tucked and plugged and couldn’t wait to tell h.er Mistress about it. Sissy is going to schedule an appointment at the manicure salon this week and get manicure and pedicure with red toe nails. Sissy has never done this before much less talk about it with anyone.

Sissy shaves all hair and has pubic mustache now. She dresses en femme 24/7. Two weeks ago s.he never would have imagined talking like this, doing all these things and now it is all s.he can think about and s.he wants so much to take it to the next level.s.he wants to thank you for making her life better! S.he hopes this is what mistress was expecting in the report. Curtsies



  1. kathryn

    madame stewart-this sissy is so grateful to you and all her superiors for the positive comments. s.he will focus more on all future assignments. s.he was anxious to share h.er feelings with her superiors. submissively yours.

  2. Madame Stewart

    Excellent news honey! Yet, for proper submission and grading of your Assignment Reports, We would appreciate 1 report per report instead of four! So this was placed in “Getting Real” – and we look forward to more detailed submissions so badges can be awarded.

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