It’s sissy springtime

jsmithcici | 06.21.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

sissy thoroughly enjoyed reading about white gloves, hats (especially Easter bonnets), new dresses, corsets, new shoes, etc. sissy would have loved being who she is in that time. The idea of a pretty hat with white gloves accessorizing a beautiful new dress really excites sissy. sissy learned that sissies should dress as Women used to dress rather than how They dress today. sissy enjoys the creativity of the Superiors of the House and admires how elegantly the Superiors write each assignment. Back in the 50’s and 60’s Women were the “housewives”. Today a true housewife is a sissy. Women became empowered, threw away their corsets and hats, dressed more casually, and became more assertive. It is only natural that sissies take up that role and become the followers; obedient, devoted, and submissive. This sissy is the submissive in sissy’s home. sissy’s Mistress is Head of Household and Her role is committed in writing. sissy has never been happier. So a toast to spring, a time to reach back and reflect on each day being one where sissy rededicates herself to serving the Superior gender, her Mistress.

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