jacqueline’s 1st Visit

sissyjaqueline | 10.01.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy was super excited to receive word that he.r first visit from Aunt Flo had arrived. sissy jacqueline read and re-read all of the “first time” necessities and rushed to the store. After picking up the Tampax Sport Regular and Super (for sissy’s active days), U by Kotex Thong panty liners, Fleet enema, and a fresh smelling Douche for the end of the week, this sissy packed her purse and went to work. Still surprised no one at work asks or comments about sissy’s “man purse” but this sissy doesn’t care. This sissy loves knowing just what is being kept in he.r purse… especially this week!! Sissy went to work, put some lotion on he.r anal vagina, and plugged the tampon in… it felt amazing as the plastic came out, leaving the string to dangle. Sissy lined he.r thong panties and started pumping the fluids. It’s been an amazing few days and this sissy is looking forward to using the douche tomorrow, after going the 5 days. Amazing how this sissy has quickly forgotten that the tampons are in, and panty liners on, but when they are felt it’s always a fabulous reminder. This sissy looks forward to experimenting with cramps and laxatives on the second visit from Aunt Flo. Thank you for helping sissy with this wonderful expansion into he.r sissification.


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