just-jane | 08.08.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors,
Today this sissy shaved he.r legs. s.he looked on the web how to do it and s.he found that using conditioner makes them silky smooth and is cheaper than shaving gel! this means jane can do it more now!!! s.he really enjoyed the experience despite being initially worried (she has a job that requires shorts) so s.he is worried about work in the morning but she realises it is all for a good cause as janes journey is just beginning and s.hes excited.
Firstly a long bath was drawn to really loosen up the hair follicles and then after a good soak and deep clense she began. It was wonderful the best feeling of her short life so far. S.he would definitely recommend it x thank you to sissy sherri for convincing me xx


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