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julia sissy’s sissySize

juliaminur13 | 10.16.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear House of Sissify! this sissy has measured he.rself from head to toe to make sure the sissy had the correct sizes to give you!

the sissy’s bust is around Bust: 40.5″,
the sissy’s waist came out to : 35.4″
the sissy’s hips came out to 38.5″
he.r neckline is 15.5″
he.r below the knee skirt length is 23″
the sissy’s inseam is 32″
the sissy’s skirt size is 14, he.r dress size is 16, and her top size is 16, and finally the sissy’s shoe size is 12B(M) US! the sissy has embarrassingly big feet..

the sissy hopes the House of Sissify is proud of the sissy! s.he knows she took a little long and begs for forgiveness eagerly awaiting he.r next task!


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