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j-c-girts | 06.21.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

after years of making mistakes buying women’s clothes, i’ve got my sizes down pat. and i know what i like. i am definitely not a thong girl, or even a bikini wearer. i prefer full-cut, nylon panties, panty girdles with regular stockings, and a good long-line bra. which means, i guess, i’m old-fashioned. heaven forbid! i don’t buy online.

i buy in stores because i want it when i see it, not two weeks later. i spent years hiding this part of my life. i don’t intend to do that anymore. besides, the world is changing rapidly. all kinds of lifestyles are acceptable now.

and i am going to be a crossdressing sissy no matter what. so there!


  1. sally

    She is so brave shopping by herself. My Mistress buys all my sweet clothing for me. Mistress is always with me in the dressing room when I try on my sweet new things before purchasing them. Maybe someday I will be allowed to shop alone.

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