Lasered and Electrolysisishness

joanne-summers | 07.19.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Curtsey Mistresses,

This sissy quit shaving 5 years ago when s.he began laser & electrolysis sessions. s.he is now 99% hair free over he.r entire body. s.he does miss the ritual of shaving but still enjoys a bubble bath.

It bothered he.r at first being self conscious about what others would think, but now s.he could care less. he.r only problem now is testosterone in he.r body which continues to encourage hair growth however much finer.

This sissy enjoyed seeing other Women and thinking to herself s.he has less hair on he.r body than She does.

The feel of stockings on this sissies legs is just dreamy. The lack of body hair makes this sissy feel so much more feminine and submissive especially around real men. s.he feels so much more like who s.he really is.

Thank You Kaye at Gahana Skin Care.



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