Last weekend

shannon-francis | 08.13.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is very happy that you have added this sissy and this sissy is sure about that you can help this sissy a lot to find the right way.

The last weekend this sissy has taken the time to clean up the sissy’s garderobe. All of the sissy’s old male underwear is gone now and only few shirts and pants for work have left in the sissy’s garderobe.  From now on this sissy will always wear the sissy lingerie at home and under the sissy’s work clothes.

Last sunday this sissy has taken a long bubble bath in the morning. While in the bathtub this sissy has shaven the sissy’s complete body. Only the brows and scalp hair have left on the sissy’s body. It feels so good now to wear my panties and stockings with girdle or hold-up stockings. The soft touch from the thin fabrics on the sissy’s now smooth skin does make this sissy a bit horny. This sissy has to say that this sissy don’t like it wearing pantyhoses. After the long bath and the shaving this sissy surely has used girly body lotion with a girly flavour and after that this sissy has painted the sissy’s toenails dark bright red. This sissy likes the slutty touch of that colour.



  1. margeaux

    this slut has never heard of a garderobe before! thanks for expanding this sissy’s vocabulary 🙂

    your shaving experience certainly sounds like a blissful and enlightening one. Its so nice to read someone having such an awesome experience.

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