Late report

annatv13 | 05.12.2017 | Uncategorized

Here comes a new report to my Superier and hope it explains a bit about what this pitiful sissy has done since the last report.

S.he tries to follow the schedule of how to become a real sissy. S.he walks with stretched neck and puts one foot in front of the other in small female steps so that others surely wonder how that person goes. Every time s.he’s going to pick up something, s.he bends both knees in a female way. Of course, s.he always wears panties, bra and pantyhose or stocking. The toenails are usually painted in pink or red. As before, s.he manages the household completely, but is always dressed as sissy while s.he does.

The last two saturdays s.he has wank like a little sissy according to the schedule s.he has. S.he then lay on the bed and had he.r legs on the wall so s.he could come straight into he.r own mouth. Of course, s.he swallows the good juice and longs for a real man to spray his sperm in he.r mouth.

There has also been a lot of shopping such as panties, bra, stockings and sissy shoes and two others on shoes that can fit a future full-time sissy. When shopping for panties and bra, the female expedition ask if it was for my partner? No, it’s for my female i, blushing all over my face….

In addition, s.he bought herb hormones (Pueraria Mirifica 3000 extreme) in hopes that they will make he.r breasts grow and change he.r more to a sissy. If anyone has experience of those herbs, you may want to share your experiences.

Hope Superier believes that this pitiful little sissy is worth continuing he.r process towards a full-time sissy.



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