To learn the real essence of Punishment

tvtamarahh | 09.24.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Staff and Madame Stewart,

sissy tamara now understands the difference between Play and Punishment. On my journey to become the perfect sissy for my future Mistress the sissy tamara needs to know how to get the perfect punishment.

For this aim i need to follow These rules:

1. The punishment must truly be a disincentive.
2. The faults which are punished should be real.
3. The punishment should make the undesired behaviour unrewarding.
4. The punishment should be consistent and proportioned.
5. It must be possible for the submissive to avoid punishment by making a genuine effort to “Be good”.
6. No permanent injury must be done.

Also the way to punish the sissy herself is a important part the sissy understands now.

In love and Devotion
sissy tamara


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