Learning the right way of servitude

juliette-2 | 07.25.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

sissy juliette is so happy to be able to join the House of Sissify. Now the sissy is working very hard to learn the right servitude towards women who are always superior. sissy juliette is proud to wear always panties and bra. The ugly thing of the sissy has to be hidden with the right panties and the bra is needed to keep the titties in place. sissy juliette feels so wonderful with panties and bra and sissy wears both items always even under ugly male clothes.

Panties and bra are important prerequisites for sissy to improve sissy’s servitude. They remind sissy how uncomplete s.he is. As to the comportment sissy juliette nearly always does not look other woman eye to eye but tries to keep her eyes down. sissy juliette needs to improve her attitude towards woman not to speak first, to listen better and most difficult to anticipate the wishes and needs of woman. sissy juliette has so much to learn and seeks help from the Superiors of the House. sissy juliette exercises now the art of curtsy. sissy juliette has improved the right way to sit down or to kneel but still there is so much to learn.

Sissy is quite experienced to cook, to keep the apartment clean and to wash the dishes and the clothes even the delicates of the Woman which whom the sissy is allowed to live.

sissy juliettes hope is that the Superiors of the House might approve this first report on servitude and sissy would be so happy if the Superiors could give some advice for the improvement of sissy’s servitude.


sissy juliette


  1. Madame Stewart

    An excellent start to your journey of service. Next, apply these teachings with Women and Superiors in your life, daily. Learn from the process and resubmit for your Level 2 and 3 Servitude Badges

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