wendy-3 | 10.31.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy would like to report that s.he has been working on place and worship. Outside the home sissy is a “secret sissy“. sissy’s job would not allow for her to be discovered. However sissy sits to pee, has learned rest room routines, tries to always walk properly, and is very kind and deferential to Women.

sissy has a job dominated by Women and s.he makes every effort to place all Women on a pedestal and obey all of their commands.
This sissy is currently tucked and wearing her silk thong. sissy is committed to learning her place among all Women.

This sissy is cirrently living with a partner who does not know of her transformation. s.he follows all directions however at home and takes care of the cooking, cleaning and house responsibilities. This sissy puts Respect and Worship at the top of the priority list since all Women deserve repect and worship. This sissy will continue her training by working on her walking skills and sissy sexiness.

This sissy humbly submits her first report with the hopes it is satisfactory and pleases the Superior Mistresses of the House of Sissify.


  1. it is wonderful that sissy wendy is practicing submission and being feminine when when she can. keep going girl, sooner or later wendy will be able to come out of her closet and become the fully feminized sissy that she is meant to be

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