pink panties

A lesson in masturbation

paulus | 10.13.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy thanks the Staff of sissify for allowing her to study and learn the proper House of Sissify Masturbation Procedure. It will be with great pleasure that this sissy will later today put these techniques to the test since this is my assigned Special Day.  This sissy looks forward to using the two finger method today as instructed and also looks forward to tasting and consuming its own cum. This sissy has never before consumed its own cum so this will be quite an experience. The entire Masturbation 101 Lesson was pleasurable to read and study as this sissy wants to be the best it can be for the house. This sissy will be wearing the pink panties shown in the pictures attached all day and through the masturbation and after. Also it is evident to this sissy after seeing these pictures that my next assignment should be the Tucking Assignment


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