petey-cream-puff | 10.17.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Curtsies all

I just got home from Clinique where i bought pink roll on blush/foundation and 3 shades of burgundy lipstick in which the salesgirl used samples on me. OMG what a thrill!!! Her hands were soooo soft when she put foundation/blush on my cheeks. My lips were so perfect with the burgundy shades. I will tell my Masseuse about this for sure as she will want to see what I bought. As for other 2 girls they don’t know that I really am a cream puff girl that has more women’s clothes then guy clothes and their clothes. I feel I have to come out and will when they have girl talk and I’ll join in.

Soo happy about what I just did!!!


  1. Getting the help from a sale rep is such a secret thrill. Its great to receive the assistance of someone that’ll happily help further feminize you. It certainly takes courage and humility to ask for such assistance, too.

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