Little clitty tucked away for good

sissymelinda | 08.07.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

ahh the joy of tucking! This sissy is choosing the common method of a spandex thong. The first few days have been very uncomfortable, the constant reminder of a position as a lowly sissy slut always there. However by day 4 the tucking has started to feel and become normal, and anytime sissy melinda has to untuck for sanitary purposes her clitty feels out of place. After work when temptations are high to feel a little free sissy melinda has been adding on a pair of spandex high waste leggings to really help keep things in place. a girl can not help but notice that when tucked away it is easier to focus on the important things like training and service, and not worry about silly things like when her next special day is. A week in and the change has been incredibly rewarding and freeing 🙂


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