The long way to walk the best

tvtamarahh | 08.30.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Mistresses, dear Staff,

My inner Sissy did the next step into a bright future as a perfect Girl. I start my lessons infront of the mirror and look into a perfect dressed Girl. I asked myself is it really me? Yes it is, I repeat your sentence “i am a sissy, i am Not a Man, i submit my arrogant masculinity to my Superior for eradication” ten or twenty times.

After the first lessons I start my walk with my 15 cm High Heels and it was a perfect Feeling. So superior as a woman. I am a real woman. Oh no I am a perfect girlish bimbo, a whore, a sissy a maid. I could handle to walk with four books on my bimbo head, including my high heels.

I hope I get the Chance to Show my skills in the future my Mistress.

In Love
sissy tamara


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