The Zen of Servitude

cricket-2 | 05.05.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship


This sissy would like to thank the House of Sissify for allowing he.r to present he.r first report on The Zen of Servitude. Having read through this assignment this sissy realizes that this cannot be one only report and hopes to provide updates as he.r studies progress since s.he can only really provide more observational responses then actual changes to he.r sissy psyche at this time. S.he hopes it meets with your approval

Right here. Right now

Sissy has read through the assignment and has realized that if s.he wishes to become a real sissy maid that s.he must start acting like a sissy maid 24/7. Sissy must start with he.r psyche and change it to being more observant of he.r surroundings and look for opportunities where s.he can be act and do things that a sissy can do. S.he must stop thinking like a man and more like a sissy. He.r goal for the next month is to keep a sissy journal, where s.he can keep track of the day’s events and learn where s.he can make changes.

Keeping up Appearances

This sissy can see how he.r appearance must start with he.r psyche. While s.he feels that s.he is naturally passive and will listen to what s.he is being told, s.he realizes s.he has not acted like a sissy when talked too or when performing random tasks. S.he has not curtsied; s.he has sat inappropriately in he.r chair, and acted more like a man then he.r true sissy self. He.r goal for the next report is to start being more aware of he.r surroundings and train he.rself to behave more like a sissy. One example would be to at least mentally curtsey when talking to he.r Mistress.

Quality Replacement

Reading through the terms to replace sissy can see a few of them s.he already possess like passive and giving, in some where s.he tends to flip flop like hard and commanding, and finally others that s.he needs to change completely like self-center and demanding. Sissy has printed out a copy of these terms and has placed them in front of he.r at work to learn like a boy-scout code and replace the negative with the positive. An example s.he plans to put into practice is when driving this sissy tends to be aggressive but will try to be more passive and hopefully transfer the trait into something that s.he can put that into serving a Mistress or Master.

Mandatory Panties

Yes, this sissy knows that s.he should always be wearing them to keep he.r in touch with he.r inside sissy. S.he has worn them almost every day for the last month and has no plans of going back to men’s underwear, in fact s.he plans on adding hosiery on most days.


Yes, sissy has been practicing he.r walk. S.he went out and bought a cheap pair of shoes with a small heal to practice in. S.he hopes to gradate to higher heels as s.he masters he.r walk.


No, Sissy has not practiced kneeling much but will attempt to do so before he.r next report.


Yes sissy has been practicing to sit like a sissy but it‘s been difficult, s.he finds he.rself constantly falling back into old habits. S.he will continue to work on it and give an update in he.r next reports.


Sissy often tries to anticipate he.r Mistresses needs but now is only beginning to apply the attitude of a sissy to them.

Women Studies

This sissy has always tried to serve women. S.he will admit that sometimes some deserved more than others. For now though this sissy will watch them and try to learn as much as s.he can from them. S.he also plans to start trying to read an article on women once a week to hopefully learn how to be more like them.


Sissy has tried to serve he.r Mistress at least once every day since rejoining the House, but realizes that s.he has not committed to it fully. S.he hopes to provide by he.r next update how s.he has restructured this he.r life to accomplish this

Once again this sissy hopes this meets with your approval and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.




  1. Madame Stewart

    I appreciate your realization that this Assignment is a work in progress, and will take continual effort. Journaling is an excellent technique to see your progress and changes – and tracks the transformation that you often can’t even see in yourself, but with review it becomes apparent. Feel to use your wall here at the House to jot down your process!

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