make her superiors day better

lhyn | 07.05.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Curtsey Dear House,

This sissy would like to begin by thank The House for Proper Correspondence Etiquette. With this Assignment s.he can try to understand how s.he must communicate with Superior and what is place.

This sissy has learned that s.he can’t understand and master The Rules. Moreover The Superior knows better what is good for a sissy, that’s why s.he must always be ready to serve the Superior and always be thankful towards Them. This sissy has taken two new keyword for : submissive and humble.

Finally s.he understand s.he is an object with one goal : make Superior’s day better. This sissy hopes s.he knows how to communicate with Superior, however s.he was arrrogant and ask humbly to be punished by The House.

Thank You Mistress to teach this lesson.

Litteraly yours,
sissy lhyn

P.s. In this picture this sissy is trying to learn how curtsey.


  1. laurianna payot

    dearest sissy sister lhyn, what a lovely and thoughtful report, which seems to me to register perfect notes of submissiveness and humility toward Superior Women, especially the understanding that we sissies cannot possibly understand the rules and must gratefully rely on Superior Women to guide us because They do truly know what is best for us. sissy laurianna has been missing her sweet sissy sister and hopes that s(he) is happy and well. Hugs and little flutters of sweet little sissy kisses and much sissy sissy-sisterly love O O x x your sissy sissy-sister laurianna

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