Making It Feel As Real As Possible For Her

bobbieray | 11.06.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy admits she has not had a lot of experiences in giving pleasure to a Real Mans cock. most of sissy’s experiences have been in trying to make her significant other enjoy the pleasures of having a cock of her own. A Woman straps on a cock is not for her to feel to feel manly or to make her sissy feel like a woman but to attain a sense of power or dominance. this sissy loves to suck her lady’s cock and because a woman can’t feel what it is totally like to have a real cock this sissy has learned a couple of tricks to give her a most pleasurable blow job.

sissy would grab her cock in one hand and with the other cuff a hand over her pussy. as sissy started to stroke her cock up and down sissy would take a finger and lightly stroke between the pussy lips. to start sucking her cock sissy would start licking the head and take a thumb and rub the clit at the same time. when sissy took her lady’s whole cock into her mouth sissy would rub that pussy harder. if sissy did some deep throat sissy would stick a finger or two into her lady’s pussy hole and hold it there for a second or two. another way to pleasure your lady is to use a vibrator in her pussy while your sucking her cock. no matter how much you love being a sissy cocksucker a good sissy must give pleasure to the person whose cock she is sucking.


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