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joanne-summers | 07.09.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Mistress’s,

This sissy just finished reading he.r first lesson on Servitude, s.he has a long way to go changing he.r will from the male illusion one s.he has created to the sissy feminine one s.he feels deep down inside, he.r true self. s.he will begin doing this by putting Women first in he.r daily interactions. This reading has given this sissy a conscious foundation to begin work, s.he will begin studying Women and emulating what they do by adopting their thinking and reasoning into he.r own life. s.he will become conscious of Womens needs and learn to anticipate what they need next.

As this sissy practices Servitude, he.r macho male ego will begin to diminish and s.he will develop a feminine spirit. He.r feminine spirit will begin to influence he.r mind and then eventually he.r body. This sissy loves to wear panties and other articles of Womens clothing for the boi look. This sissy already feels better with he.r self, the inner struggle and denial of he.r true self feels better as s.he writes this report.

joanne summers


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