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yvettes | 08.07.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Curtsey, Dear Superiors!

This idiot had to wait 46 years to really learn to masturbate. During all these years, this slut has touched her clitty in the same way. Before she did that move up and down and squander my seed. Recently this whore has perfect masturbation. Now this stupid slut caresses the clitty in this way: Evidently she is dressed according to her true nature. This whore removes her pantie, puts another dildo a little bigger. This sissy sits on her back, spreads her legs, bends her knees. The same position that a woman takes when she penetrates. She caresses the body as a real woman would. This bitch feels her pleasure go up. Then with a finger she caresses the part under the prepuce. This sissy feels the pleasure go up very quickly.

These feminine emotions are arched are slut corp. Very fast with pelvic movements simulating that I’m caught, my clitty crying. I take advantage of this moment of happiness. Then as a good slut I clean the sperm with my tongue and leave nothing. What happiness. Thanks to you dear Superiors I finally take advantage of my masturbation. In addition to my masturbation control, happiness is total.

Thank you dear Superiors to train us.
Your sissy kneels for you.


  1. yes yvettes the sisters are right. this sissy has been reading your assignment posts and you use rough language for yourself lol. this sissy thinks margeux and milena are right and you are a silly sissy in all the best ways. this sissy knows you describe dreaming of a rough Mistress, so your rough words to yourself are probably that kind of fantasy. your assignment reports are inspiring to this sissy 🙂

  2. Margeux is right. Dear Sister You are not an idiot. You are awesome whore which marysia would like to be. We sissies are all silly and need guidance from our lovely Superiors

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